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Posted 2018-03-08

    It is well known that most animal groups instinctively care for heir innocent young. Buffalo herds and baboon troops furnish striking examples.

    Sadly, we humans frequently blur the distinction between the relatively innocent (children) and the relatively sophisticated (e.g., members of the “#MeToo” movement). We live in a society that has failed to adopt a “no holes barred” and non-partisan approach to dealing with violence against our young; an approach that marginalizes special interests and subordinates them to the desire our children have to stay alive. Does society that fails to follow the lead of the animals even deserve to be called a society?

    Similarly, we fail to assign to the right to life (which tops the list in the Declaration of Independence) the importance it deserves. Our humaneness drowns in a sea of talk about our “rights.” We blue distinctions once again.

    Philosopher, theologian, musician and jungle doctor Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965) once defined, interestingly, a humane person as one who never sacrifices a life for a principle. Life is sacred, a mystery far surpassing concepts and words.

John Clem