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April 12, 2018

Posted 2018-04-12

Marriage licenses

    William Gaston Everhart, 60, Woodstock and Ruth Elizabeth Wygal, 55, Woodstock

    Timothy Allen Cook, 24, Strasburg and Katlyn Brook Ramey, 22, Strasburg

    Timothy Shane Wallis, 21, Strasburg and Emily Ann Walker, 21, Strasburg

    Dwight Walters Shelton, 63, Mt. Jackson and Heather McRae Taylor, 60, Mt. Jackson


Land transfers

    Pamelia P. Hennessey to James D. Weaver and Rhonda Weaver, 14.6 acres, four parcels, 68 Hayneswood Lane, New Market, Lee District, $395,000

    Lars Jensen and Wendy Berman Jensen to Paul J. Czanski and Nancy J. Weber-Czanski, Lot 188, Section 8, Bryce’s Mountain Resort, Inc., 65 Nelson Way, Basye, Ashby District, $225,000

    William M. Tucker to Jason A. Bushong and Dallas Bushong, 25.7 acres, three tracts, three miles west of Woodstock, Stonewall District, $300,000

    Donald D. Lutz, Lisa Marie Lutz and Steven Brian Lutz to Terry E. Gochenour and Robin D. Gochenour, seven and eight-tenths acres, State Route 716, five and one-half miles west of Mt. Jackson, Ashby District, $45,000

    Fannie Mae/Federal National Mortgage Association, to David Ronald Uhl and Pamela Aileen Napier-Uhl, property 388 B Spitz Lane, Basye, Ashby District, $39,664

    Christopher R. Walter to Warren Bricker and Priscilla Bricker, Lot 64, Section 3, Crystal Hill Subdivision, 649 Crystal Lane, Strasburg, Davis District, $269,000

    Thomas T. Turner and Kathryn A. Turner to Stephen G. Colvin and Christina L. Colvin, Lot 160, Section 10, Madison Heights Subdivision, 89 Stuart Court, Strasburg, Davis District, $260,000

    Habitat for Humanity of Shenandoah County, Inc., to Alejandro Nunez, two-tenths acre, Lot 49, Block B, Painter Subdivision, 281 Shenandoah St., Mt. Jackson, Ashby District, $136,000

    Janice L. Delesky to Jonathan L. Kinchion, one acre, 3778 Crooked Run Road, Mt. Jackson, Ashby District, $95,000

    Roger R. Smith and Deborah L. Smith to Judith A. Fitzgerald and Jennifer L. Cave, Lot 1, Block 1, S.P. Lonas Addition, 6009 Broad St., Mt. Jackson, Ashby District, $167,500

    Naomi Z. Wine to William S. Hall and Judith P. Hall, Lot 10 and Lot A, Section 1, Miller Heights Subdivision, 211 Fairground Road, Woodstock, Stonewall District, $170,000

    Harold L. Seal Jr. and Judy K. Seal to Dorothy S. Farley, Lots 4 and 5, 509 W. Locust St., Woodstock, Stonewall District, $262,000

    Warren D. Decker to Larry Lloyd Vandall Jr. and Jessica Ellen Vandall, 52.6 acres, 29287 Old Valley Pike, Strasburg, Davis District, $300,000

    Randy L. Kolb and Karol D. Kolb to Thomas T. Turner and Kathryn A. Turner, Lot 10, Section 1, Waverly View Subdivision, 97 Junction Overlook, Strasburg, Davis District, $450,000

    Christine L. Sutherly, trustee, to Kelly Lynn Henry and Andrew Daggit, seven and three-tenths acres, Lot 4, Section 6, King’s Acres Subdivision, 5348 Fort Valley Road, Fort Valley, Johnston District, $205,000

    Dorothy D. Miller, Donna Kay Smythe and Kevin Ray Dirting to David B. Conley and Nora D. Conley, 109 acres, State Route 703/Jerome Road and State Route 704/Riles Run Lane, Mt. Jackson, Ashby District, $326,271

    Danny W. Miller and Helen E. Miller to Cathy Lugo-Vazquez and Humberto I. Batiz Rivera, four-tenths acre, Lot 30, Leisure Point, 1517 Stagecoach Road, Woodstock, Johnston District, $166,000

    Pasco M. Bowman II and Suzanne B. Stallard, Unit A, Building 13, Bryce Hill Condominium, 274 The Hill Road, Basye, Ashby District, $51,500

    Dorothea L. Riffee to Harold L. Seal Jr. and Judy K. Seal, Lot 9, Section 4, Phase 2, Mountain View Subdivision, 1341 Horseshoe Circle, Woodstock, Stonewall District, $205,500

    Kemper W. Miller and Sally W. Miller to Brent A. Calhoon, Unit 203, Building B, Aspen East Resort Condominium, Basye, Ashby District, $73,000

    Kelly Roy Osborn and Christina Mae Osborn to Thomas Harry Schaeffer and Rebecca Hawse Schaeffer, Lot 51, Phase 3, Fairview Manor, 61 Bogey Ave., New Market, Lee District, $375,000

    Susan L. Combs and Sharon L. Combs, trustees, to Cedar Moss Properties, LLC, Lot 33, Hupp’s Ridge, 307 Pendleton Lane, Strasburg, Davis District, $165,000

    Brenda L. Hockman to Jonathan R. Johnston, five acres, four miles north of Strasburg, 2207 Junction Road, Strasburg, Davis District, $178,000

    Mark Reisig to James Jay Conklin Sr., Lot 12, Clary Farms Subdivision, 2911 Oranda Road, Strasburg, Davis District, $450,000

    Dennis Shawn Hawkins to Steven A. Sager, 10 acres, 349 North Mountain Road, Timberville, Lee District, $50,000

    Butterfield Homes, Inc., to Carrie A. Lemaire, property, 169 Palmer Road, Basye, Ashby District, $160,000

    Heath W. Silcott to Kenneth M. Peregory, Lot 225, Section 1 Extended Mine Mountain, 246 Crosswoods Drive, Fort Valley, Johnston District, $179,900

    Jonathan R. Alley and Karrie G. Alley to Dilan M. Kareem, Lot 17, Section 1, Horseshoe Bend, 135 Dillon Court, New Market, Lee District, $230,000

    Rosemary L. Harris and Adrian V. Polk, trustees to Kyle F. Polk, Lot 127, Section 9, Bryce’s Mountain Resort, Inc., 22 Forest St., Basye, Ashby District, $25,000

    Wells Fargo National Association to Bryan Kurt O’Neill and Amber Noell Zion, Lot 24, Section 7B, Bryce’s Mountain Resort, Inc., 118 Lee Drive, Basye, Ashby District, $185,000

    Butterfield Homes, Inc., to John McCumbers and Leslie Nuckles, property, 210 Cannon Court, Strasburg, Lot 66, Hupp’s Ridge, 210 Cannon Court, Strasburg, Davis District, $180,000

    Jeff Rush and Marty Lee Rush to Lonnie V. Mitchell, one acre, 127 Medical Dr., Mt. Jackson, Ashby District, $100,000


Building permits

  H&T Properties, LLC, 56 Conner Circle, Strasburg, duplex unit construction, $75,000

  H&T Properties, LLC, 50 Conner Circle, Strasburg, duplex unit construction, $75,000

  Laura L. Gomez, Headley Road, Toms Brook, single-family dwelling, $50,000