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May 10, 2018

Posted 2018-05-10

    During the past several weeks I have read with great interest articles in this publication concerning lack of economic development and increased taxation.

    In this county, we have an industrial development authority that by definition exists to promote economic development. To state that members of this organization have categorically failed in regard to this mission would be a gross understatement.

    While surrounding counties prosper with ever-expanding economic opportunities ours remains dormant. It is outrageous and inexcusable.

    During October of last year, I was nominated by two former supervisors and one current supervisor to fill an expiring IDA position. This nomination was defeated on a 3-3 vote by supervisors Steve Baker, Dick Neese and Conrad Helsley.

    No explanation was given as to the reason for their decision which would suggest that they are amply satisfied with an impotent authority.

    Although no one can predict the future, additional appointments to open IDA positions of dedicated, determined individuals may have led to successful economic development. In consideration of last November’s election results, that proposition is now non-existent.

    Without economic development, real estate and personal property tax increases will become perpetual occurrences, driven by burgeoning government expansion and spending. Resulting rent and mortgage increases will also take their place in perpetuity, coupled with less disposable income available for a growing impoverished community.

    Fortunately, this digression is neither irreparable nor insurmountable. The electoral process will continue to offer tangible alternatives. For the fiscal well being of all concerned I would strongly suggest those alternatives be earnestly considered.

Mike Wakeman