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August 2, 2018

Posted 2018-08-02

Marriage Licenses

    Kodi Scott Allebaugh, 27, Mount Jackson and Taylor Renee Knupp, 26, Mount Jackson

    Floyd Robert Parks, 51, Strasburg and Lisa Michele Hart, 48, Strasburg

    Mario Schiano Di Scioarro, 35, Monte Di Procida, Italy and Carmela Lubrano, 24, Toms Brook

    Brandon Lee Byram, 24, New Market and Katelyn Paige Hackenbracht, 23, Mount Jackson

    Kaila Danielle Hawkins, 29, Strasburg and Mary Beth Ryman, 32, Strasburg

    William Robert Monahan, 44, Strasburg and Christie Ann Boyce, 43, Strasburg

    Andrew Early Randel, 28, Woodstock and Adelaide Amanda Hook, 27, Woodstock

    Philip Dewaine Stone, 51, Strasburg and Marina Anatolevna Yax, 55, Strasburg

    Matthew Charles Brower, 40, Bath, Pennsylvania and Deborah Lynn Carr, 34, Bath, Pennsylvania

    Jason Christopher Cowne, 38, Martinsburg, WV and Heather Kay Fredman, 33, Strasburg



    Westley S. Walker from Jaynelle M. Walker


Land Transfers

    Robert M. Gutierrez to Joe A. Fleming and Jeremy D. Fleming, Lot No. 68, “Craig Subdivision, Ashby Magisterial District, $124,000

    John A. Liebl and Golda E. Liebl to Cristia A. Tutino, Lot No. 203, Section XII, Bryce’s Mountain Resort, Inc., Basye, $140,000

    David W. Bright and Audrey M. Bright to Kaleb Joshua Day and Kelly Lee Day, Tract one, 0.690 acres, Tract two, 1.122 acres, Edinburg, Madison Magisterial District, $219,000

    Spencer R. Hannah and Eva L. Hannah to Grean J. Guillen and Ebeledina M. Sosa-Guillen, Lot No. 10, 3.013 acres, “Green Hill Acres”, Section I, Subdivision, Lee Magisterial District, $212,000

    Wally G. Martin and Kelly S. Martin to Anthony Steffer IV and Noga Kaplan, Lot No. 7, “West Winds Townhouses, Section I, Woodstock, Stonewall Magisterial District, $162,900

    Stephanie L. Tabor to Rene W. Hernandez and Sarai Hernandez, Parcel 2, 7.817 acres, Davis Magisterial District, $435,000

    Roger D. Mitchell and Wanda L. Mitchell to Joseph Milkevitch and Ellen Given-Milkevitch, Tract one, Lot No. 4, 5.023 acres, Tract two, Lot No. 3, 5.752 acres, “Windfall Acres Subdivision, Ashby Magisterial District, $510,000

    King Plumbing & Heating Inc to Terry D. King Jr. and Brandi L. King, 1/2 Lot No. 16, Block 4, Lot No. 18, Block 4, Strasburg, Davis Magisterial District, $98,000

    Justin Ritenour and Brian Fitchett to Benjamin Barker, “Parcel J”, 7.512 acres, Powell’s Fort Valley, Johnston Magisterial District, $68,000

    Samuel R. Robinson and Bethany F. Robinson to Stephen C. Upton and Kelly A. Upton, 6.053 acres, Davis Magisterial District, $435,500

    Loi Vinh to Andrey M. Gura and Jessica A. Gura, Lot No. 28, “Aspen Hills Subdivision”, 10.000 acres, Ashby Magisterial District, $54,900

    Benjamin Akiyama to Ralph G. Thomes and Adria C. Thomes, “Tract two”, 0.459 acres, Ashby Magisterial District, $165,000

    Donna Ragland to Elizabeth Dirting, Lot No. 6A, “Mountain View Subdivision”, Phase 1, Section 3, Woodstock, Stonewall Magisterial District, $230,000

    Robert L. Phillips Sr. and Victoria Ann Phillips to Jessica C.  Wong Ferreyra, Lot No. 14, Orchard View, Section 2, Woodstock, $339,000

    Bruce R. Coston and Cynthia R. Coston to Clayton Victor Kinney and Ausma Madeline Kinney, Parcel 1, Lot No. 7, Parcel 2 & 3, Lot No. 22 and 23, Section 2B, “Forest Hills Subdivision”, Lee Magisterial District, $475,000

    The Bradshaw Family Revocable Living Trust and Martha Bell Bradshaw to Glenn C. Jackson and Terry L. Jackson, Lots No. 2 & 3, Block 3B, Section VII-B, Bryce Mountain Resort, Inc., 0.897 acres, Ashby Magisterial District, $340,000

    Edward A. Smith to Chad F. Murden, Lot No. 9, “North Fork Farms Subdivision”, 3.020 acres, Lee Magisterial District, $209,900

    Barbara Jean Ward and Barbara Jean Plauger A.K.A to David W. McKay and Patricia D.W. McKay, 1.708 acres, Johnston Magisterial District, $80,700

    Paul L. Ledane Jr. and Brenda L. Hulver to Joseph N. Bauserman, Lot No. 1, 8.608 acres, Davis Magisterial District, $70,000

    Amerihome Mortgage Company, LLC to Lofton Leasing, LLC, Lot No. 558 & 559 (NOW COMBINED), Lot No. 479, Section X, Bryce Mountain Resort, Inc., Basye, $113,500

    Justin M. Kronk to Tanya Denton, Lot No. 15, “Meadowood Acres”, 3.000 acres, Davis Magisterial District, $245,000

    Louis V. Kaufman and Patricia A. Kaufman to Donna Lynn Lake, Lot No. 18, Section XI, Bryce’s Mountain Resort, Inc., Basye, $160,000

    Doris J. Newland to Christopher S. Cooley, Lot No. 6, Dr. W. C. Shirley Subdivision, Lee Magisterial District, $130,000

    The Town of Mount Jackson to Mount Jackson Brewing Company, LLC, Lot No. 1, Mount Jackson, $160,000

    The Town of Mount Jackson to Triplett School Cafeteria, LLC, Lot No. 2, Mount Jackson, $40,000

    The Town of Mount Jackson to Triplett Heights, LLC, 3.90 acres, Mount Jackson, $50,000

    Lisa E. Rosenthal to Michael B. Hummel and Pamela L. Hummel, Lot No. 21, 0.345 acres, Bryce’s Mountain Resort, $259,900

    Allen D. Ritenour and Paul J. Neal Jr. to Brandon M. Roberts and Holly Roberts, 1.611 acres, Woodstock, $196,800

    Jennings Investments, LLC to David A. Doehler and Andrea H. Doehler, 43.4727 acres, Davis Magisterial District, $180,000


Building Permits

    Wayne and Beverly Butterfield, 7872 Smith Creed Road, New Market, addition, single family dwelling, Lee Magisterial District, $87,000

    Karen and George Marlette, 47 Sunset Court, Edinburg, addition, single family dwelling, Madison Magisterial District, $42,000

    Paul B. Dellinger, 212 B Lee Highway, New Market, new residential, single family dwelling, Ashby Magisterial District, $200,000

    Paul J. and Stephanie Collins, 56 Flat Oak Lane, New Market, addition, single family dwelling, Lee Magisterial District, $281,500

    Greenfield Reflections of Woodstock, LLC & Altus Group, 1222 Ox Road, Woodstock, fire alarm permit, commercial/industrial, Stonewall Magisterial District, $25,000

    David B. Holliday and Dave Holliday, Rentals LLC, 420 W. Jubal Early Dr., New Residential, single family dwelling, Davis Magisterial District, $175,000