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August 9, 2018

Posted 2018-08-09

Marriage Licenses

    Nathan Allen Ward, 37, Woodstock and Allyson Michelle Copp, 32, Woodstock

    Nickolas James Delauder, 21, Philippi, WV and Kristin Dakota Ramsey, 20, Philippi, WV

    Matthew Ross Pirtle, 28, Mount Jackson and Kristina Nicole Whittemore, 28, Mount Jackson



    Tabatha Raye Baker-Whitacre from Charles Lee Whitacre

    Tammy M. Dellinger from Jerry W. Dellinger


Land Transfers

    Stanley L. Miller and Karen R. Miller to Fort Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Inc., 1.316 acres, Fort Valley, Johnston Magisterial District, $75,000

    Amy J. Wilmerton to Anthony S. Mason and Karleeann Mason, Lot No. 1, Section 2, “Quarry Hill Subdivision”, Lee Magisterial District, $152,000

    Brian Dillard and Amie Dillard to Tommy K. Hughes and Charlotte R. Berry, 5 ¼ acres, Lee Magisterial District, $190,000

    Gateway HCF, LLC to Christa I. Jayne and Robert C. Jayne, 3.146 acres, Madison Magisterial District, $65,000

    Peggy J. Lee to Terry E. Orndorff and Tammy Orndorff, tract one, Lot No. 1, Block 59, tract two, Lot No. 3, Block 59, Davis Magisterial District, $223,000

    Harald E. Huttner and Cheryl A. Huttner to Horst J. Huttner, Lot No. 4A, “Grand View Estates,” Stonewall Magisterial District, $195,000

    Michael W. Grant to Dennis Via and Corinne Via, Unit A-3, “Signal Knob Station Condominium”, Phase 3, 6.570 acres, Strasburg, Davis Magisterial District, $118,000

    Deborah L. Mudge to George W. Wooten and Susan S. Wooten, Unit A, Building 12, “Bryce Hill Condominium”, $35,000

    Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C. to William R. Beverlin and Ann M. Beverlin, Lot No. 25, “Ram Hill Estates”, Resubdivision of Lots. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, Block 60, and Lots 1 through 22 Block 62, Strasburg Land and Improvement Company, Strasburg, Davis Magisterial District, $173,700

    James T. Wilkinson to Sean M. McDonald and Melissa D. McDonald, 65 acres, Davis Magisterial District, $60,000

    Rosalie Ann Meixsell and Laurie Jackson to Gary Dawson, 0.798 acres, Johnston Magisterial District, $140,000

    Rene Hernandez and Sarai Hernandez to Leatrice Moore, Lot No. 6A, “Mountain View Subdivision”, Phase 1, Section 1, Woodstock, Stonewall Magisterial District, $190,000

    Nancy L. Dunn to Kelly S. Christy, located about 1 ½ miles south of the “Village of Mt. Olive, Stonewall Magisterial District, $151,000

    Robert L. Halterman to Kenneth L. King and Julie C. King, Lot No. 72, Phase III, “Fairview Manor”, New Market, Lee Magisterial District, $60,000

    William W. Nelson to David R. Hicks and Patricia A. Hicks, Lot No. 1, Section 1, “Miller Heights Subdivision”, Woodstock, Stonewall Magisterial District, $190,000

    Gary E. Leeth and Donna J. Leeth to Adam C. Wilson and Caitlin J. Fogle, Lot No. 8, Strasburg, Davis Magisterial District, $189,000

    Marie Elizabeth Spence to Shenandoah Houses, LLC, 0.693 acres, Davis Magisterial District, $60,000

    William H. Green and Lillian M. Green to LMBP, LLC, 20 acres, Madison Magisterial District, $116,200

    Mary J. Munday to William Martin Harris and Jessica Marie Sentelle, Lot B, “Cornerstone Development”, 1.397 acres, Madison Magisterial District, $265,100

    Erin D. McClure to Cinde Lynn Eash, Lot No. 5, “Hupp’s Ridge”, $191,000

    Polly A. Stout to Jason M. Smith and Scotty W. Thompson, 0.931 acres, Woodstock, Stonewall Magisterial District, $45,000

    George P. Fitchett III and Nancy Carol Fitchett to Derrick Ross Miller, Lot No. 10, 1.090 acres, Fort Valley, Johnston Magisterial District, $165,000

    Richard D. Nelson to Samuel M. Hopkins II and Elizabeth J. Hopkins, Parcel 1, Lot No. 146, Block A, “Bryce Mountain Resort, Inc., Section 7B, Parcel 2, Lot No. 283, “Bryce Mountain Resort, Inc., Section 12, Basye, $145,000

    Cecil A. Putman and Helen Marie Peacemaker to Jeremy A. Shaw, Lot No. 1 and Lot No. 1A, “Frank G. Morrison Subdivision”, Woodstock, Stonewall Magisterial District, $230,000

    Marc Gunther and Elizabeth R. Gunther to Cecil Allen Putman and Helen Marie Peacemaker, Lot No. 27A, 2.211 acres, Stonewall Magisterial District, $367,000

    Kevin M. Hearl to Marc Gunther and Elizabeth R. Gunther, Lot No. 7, Block B, “Orchard Place Subdivision”, Woodstock, Stonewall Magisterial District, $209,000

    Samuel I. White to DLG Construction, LLC, Lot No. 7, “Forest Colony Subdivision”, 9.655 acres, Davis Magisterial District, $87,110

    Jacob T. Rudolph Jr. and Michael K. Rudolph and Jacquel R. Ganskopp to Donald R. Moomaw and Thelma F. Moomaw, Tract 1, Tract 2, ¾ of an acre, Tract 3, 1/3rd acre, Ashby Magisterial District, Orkney Grade, $87,500

    Ronald K. Burig and Linda S. Burig to Jason Dean, Lot No. 17, “Crystal Hill Townhouses Subdivision, Strasburg, Davis Magisterial District, $185,000


Building Permits

    Wick & Post LLC, Gregory L. Unger, Queen Street, Strasburg, Erosion & Sediment permit, single family dwelling, Davis Magisterial District, $100,000