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September 13, 2018

Posted 2018-09-13

Marriage Licenses

    Seth Michael Morton, 24, Star Tannery and Cheyanne Lynn Wymer, 24, Star Tannery

    Brandon Kyle Holbert, 32, Strasburg and Susan Abigail Aubuchon, 32, Strasburg

    Nicholas Andrew Nesaw, 37, Mount Jackson and Cathy Marie Pitts, 31, Mount Jackson

    Timothy Michael Decristofaro Jr., 30, Strasburg and Jillian Ashley Sours, 30, Strasburg

    David Vernon Dodson Jr., 39, Edinburg and Esther Grace Molini, 29, Edinburg

    Jeffrey Michael Argueta, 34, Mount Jackson and Fallon Kay Frye, 25, Mount Jackson



    Jonathan Paul Aho from Staci Ann Aho

    Alice Elizabeth Mauck from Samuel Nathan Mauck

    Daniel Rothstein from Kimberley Rothstein

    Cindy Marie Hottle Mann from Jarret Thomas Mann

    Franklin J. Myrtle from Christine Myrtle


Land Transfers

    Frances L. Zirkle and Carolyn M. Lloyd to Ken L. Burch and Jane A. Burch, 0.689 acres, “Village of Quicksburg”, Lee Magisterial District, $78,000

    The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Aimee Rene Martin and Matthew Wayne Lichliter, Lot No. 8, Strasburg, $212,500

    Gary L. Davis and Suzanne C. Davis to Frances E. Kranich and Tina M. Gallegos, “Stony Pointe”, Section One, Strasburg, Davis Magisterial District, $266,500

    Dawn C. Decourcy to High Street Investments, LLC, Parcel B, Edinburg, Madison Magisterial District, $90,000

    Filerman Procurement Interest LLC to James Anderson and Devin Welsh, Strasburg, $99,900

    Gregory C. Raines to Charles R. Clohan, Lots Nos. 166, 167, 168, 169, 170, 171, and 175, Section X, “Bryce’s Mountain Resort”, Inc., Basye, $123,000

    Cheryl Reynolds and Cheryl J. Mullins to Malfred Eugene Shaw Jr. and Emily Elizabeth Shaw, 23.134 acres, “Turkey Knob Road”, Lee Magisterial District, $305,000

    Terry Dale King to Elijah A. Gheen and Ryan L. Gheen, 3.115 acres, Davis Magisterial District, $254,000

    Elijah A. Gheen to Angela S. Gheen, Lot No. 34B, Strasburg, Davis Magisterial District, $170,000

    Richard M. Moore II and Melissa S. Moore to Paul J. Lauer Jr. and Mary Katherine Lauer, Lot No. 14, “Crystal Hill Subdivision”, Strasburg, Davis Magisterial District, $75,000

    Anthony Wayne Costello and Rebecca Lea Costello to C. W.’s Construction, LLC, 0.4817 acres, Davis Magisterial District, $68,000

    William Michael Funk and Jennifer J. Funk to Kirk Andrews and Bethany Davis Andrews, Lot No. 4, Section D, “Hillcrest Heights Subdivision”, Woodstock, $65,000

    Jesse Courtney Suter III to Barry L. Polk and Bridget M. Polk, 4.915 acres, Edinburg, Madison Magisterial District, $205,000

    Frederick R. Eichelman II, Jessica MacWilliams, Barbara Lou Wilson and Mildred Dziepak to Vincent Edward Turner and Julia Marie Turner, 9.96 acres, Lee Magisterial District, $35,000

    Jimmy Don Johnson and Leslie Land Johnson to Stephen D. Coolbaugh and Nancy Dameron, 4.896 acres, $48,000

    Arthur Raymond Keller II to Kelly Keith Keller, Tract 1, 86 acres, Tract 2, 1 acres, Davis Magisterial District, $150,000

    Calvin K. Simpkins to Richard D. Romanowski and Lisa Ann Romanowski, 8.058 acres, Madison Magisterial District, $425,000

    Alan Toothman Construction, Inc. to Harold J. Stultz and Margaret A. Stultz, Lot No. 27, “Final Subdivision Plat of Hisey Park”, Woodstock, Stonewall Magisterial District, $431,044

    William F. Funkhouser and Carolyn S. Funkhouser to Bryon A. Brill, Lots Nos. 2 & 4, Strasburg, Davis Magisterial District, $100,000


Building Permits

    Bowman Andros Products LLC, 10119 Old Valley Pike, Mount Jackson, Ashby Magisterial District, Fire Protection permit, Commercial/Industrial, $97,740

    Americold Logistics, 545 Radio Station Road, Strasburg, Davis Magisterial District, Fire Alarm permit, Commercial/Industrial, $150,955

    Wal-Mart Real Estate Business, 461 West Reservoir Road, Woodstock, Stonewall Magisterial District, Fire Protection permit, Commercial/Industrial, $165,600

    Scott and Leah Figgins, 347 Crim Drive, Strasburg, Davis Magisterial District, New Residential permit, Single family dwelling, $100,100

    William and Lorna Parsons, 1635 Riverview Drive, Toms Brook, Johnston Magisterial District, Alteration permit, Single family dwelling, $25,000

    Kenneth B. Radford, 1507 Cottontown Road, Strasburg, Davis Magisterial District, zoning permit, Single family dwelling, $60,000