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November 1, 2018

Posted 2018-11-01

    I am writing in response to a Free Press article (Oct. 18) regarding supervisor Morris’s statement on the lack of support for JPG Towing’s special permit request. I would like to voice my support for their impound lot.

    I realize that perception is reality for most. I try to keep up with local government musings and my perception is that Shenandoah County in the past year has done well in spending money and going into debt on things that should make the county better.

    The increase in taxes to support the school systems, the new 911 system, the new Sheriff’s department, all are things to improve our county, yet they come to as a great cost to the taxpayer. The Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors has the opportunity to better Shenandoah County without cost to the taxpayer by voting to approve the special permit for JPG Towing.

    The small business owner seems to be an endangered species in the county. We see folks move in and subdivision approvals left and right from Strasburg to New Market. While that may seem great for the tax base on real estate taxes, the county doesn’t seem to be able to figure out how to grow industry and small business. We have become accustomed to leaving the county for many services.

    JPG is a thriving business and an asset to the village of Toms Brook. They are involved with the community on many levels, give back to their community and are what I consider “good neighbors” as far as our little part of the valley is concerned.

    I am of the mindset that we should protect the businesses we have left in the county. It wasn’t so long ago that US Route 11 was littered with small businesses on every corner. Restaurants, barbershops, car dealerships and service stations were plenty. They have all but faded into the “do you remember” of valley conversations. Why not preserve what is left?

    Tow companies like JPG are unspoken spokesmen of the county. No one gives much thought to the impression an out-of-state traveler gets when they have to utilize one of the tow companies traveling through Shenandoah County on Interstate 81, and I am betting there is a great number of those folks.

    I have yet to run across someone locally who has anything negative to say about JPG Towing and their services. They are good stewards of the county, and I like to think that good neighbors support each other.

    I would like for you to vote in approval of their permit and support a local, growing business as well as a good neighbor.

Brandi Rutz