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Feb. 13, 1958

Posted 2018-12-06

Feb. 13, 1958

    After they left the lighted porch and entered the darkness of the garage, a spitting noise was heard. Sounded like a neighborhood cat had been aroused from a nap under the car.

    However, when light streamed out the opened car door, there sat Mr. Polecat directly in the path, having been brushed rather than stepped on. After making sure that the noise heard had been only “spitting”, the car was carefully backed out to avoid contact. The visitor was gone when the couple returned from church.

    Kirby Property Sold In Quicksburg. The public sale of the property of the late Miss Annie Kirby was held Saturday and was well attended. Mrs. Edith Helsley of Columbia Furnace purchased the property. Mrs. Helsley was a niece of Miss Kirby.

    Dinner guests in the David Bush home Saturday were Mrs. Virginia Fleming and daughter Bonnie, Mrs. Charles Oden, Mrs. Carl Fleming of Mt. Jackson, Mrs. Eugene Fleming of Harrisonburg and Mr. Ray Wealthy of Falls Church.

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lam and daughter of Baltimore, Md. spent the weekend with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Silvious. Other visitors in the Silvious home were Mr. and Mrs. Allen Kirby and daughter of Strasburg and Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Silvious of Edinburg.

    Mr. and Mrs. Albert Will were visiting Mr. and Mrs. John Kagey of Edinburg on Sunday.

    Mr. and Mrs. Harold Henry and Mr. and Mrs. Chester Estep were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ray Henry and Mrs. Virginia Henry of Woodstock on Sunday. Mrs. Virginia Henry is recovering from an operation.

    Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Hobbs of Silver Spring, Md. on the birth of their first child, a daughter named Julia Lynn, on February 4, 1958. The baby weighed seven pounds, thirteen ounces. Mrs. Hobbs is the former Miss Betty Lynn Schaeffer, who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schaeffer.

    Mr. and Mrs. Leon Fadley of Edinburg, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Fadley of Mt. Jackson, and Mrs. Rufus Blosser of New Market were visiting their parents Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fadley on Sunday.

    Mrs. Clarence Jones visited Mrs. John Prophet at New Market on Monday afternoon.

    Miss Mae Burke Fox of Front Royal spent Sunday at her home with Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Zirkle.

    Dinner guests in the Ernest Olinger home Saturday were Mrs. Sally Madson, Mr. Frank Seymour, Mr. Boyd Lam of Baltimore, Md., Mr. and Mrs. Chester Estep, Mrs. Lawrence Olinger and Gay.

    Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Clem have purchased the property of Mrs. Sallie Dodson and plan to move in the near future after some remodeling.

    Mrs. G. W. Fleming and Mrs. David Bush visited Mr. and Mrs. Claude Bush and Mrs. Thelma Rinker at Mt. Jackson on Sunday.

    Mrs. Sarah Litten is spending this week in the Roland Dodson home in Mt. Jackson while Mr. and Mrs. Dodson are visiting the Gaylon Zerkels in Apopka, Fl.

    Mrs. Gertie Gochenour became sick Friday night but at this writing she is improving.

    Mr. W. K. Stover, who is employed on the police force in Arlington, spent several days with his parents Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Stover.

    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jenkins and son of Riverdale, Md. and Mr. Larry Strawderman spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Strawderman.