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Jan. 25, 1990

Posted 2019-05-16

    (Old news items in this and the next two editions will be republished from issues of The Free Press over the four decades since is founding.)


Jan. 25, 1990

    Fort Valley Elementary School is threatened with closure.


Feb. 8, 1990

    Flu hits epidemic levels in Shenandoah County.


Feb. 22, 1990

    County supervisors seek meals tax without referendum.


March 8, 1990

    Aileen, Inc.’s attempts to sell company fail; 135 to lose jobs.


May 17, 1990

    Shenandoah County Public Schools face lawsuit over Bible classes. A parent sues over Weekday Religious Education, gets undisclosed amount of money and anonymity.


July 25, 1990

    Shenandoah County Alms House is delicensed, leaving its future cloudy.


Aug. 16, 1990

    Shenandoah County landowners’ delinquent taxes hit $300,000 mark.


Nov. 15, 1990

    Jackie Kennedy visits local antique shop, Walton and Smoot Pharmacy.


Jan. 24, 1991

    Broadway native Brenda Holsinger Swarzkoph talks about her childhood and husband, “Stormin’ Norman” Swarzkoph


March 29, 1991

    Shenandoah County land values are more than $1 billion.


May 23, 1991

    I. Clinton Miller announces plans to run for Virginia governor’s seat.


July 25, 1991

    Dennis L. Hupp says he will campaign for a state senate position.


Aug. 22, 1991

    Alisa Diane Lonas Hottle brutally slain in her home. Bryant Lee Lear is accused of the beating.


Dec. 12, 1991

    Shenandoah County’s food stamp recipients number 2,038.


Jan. 23, 1992

    County supervisors are eyeing a $30 million school construction project but have no plan to pay the loan.