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May 16, 1952-June 6, 1952

Posted 2017-10-05

May 16, 1952

    Woodstock Lions Club officers were elected for the year beginning July 1st at its meetingi Monday night. Russell V. Coffman was elected president. He will succeed R. Ford Brill. Chosen for the first, second and third vice presidents were Robert H. Morrison, Joseph R. Hoover and Rev. E. B. Wolford.


May 23, 1952

    The Town of Edinburg, which tradition says derived its name from the Garden of Eden, rather than for the traditional Scottish metropolis, was incorporated by Act of Assembly on May 24, 1852. The officers of the town have planned a round and square dance Saturday night at the Town Hall in honor of the centennial. Originally called Shyrock, after the name of an old landowner in these pars, it was also known as Stony Creek and Edenberg before the present form of Edinburg was evolved. These names wee used for the settlement that was there many years before the charter was obtained. As early as the War of 1812, George Grandstaff is reported to have operated a rifle factory in the town. The town of Shyrock was visited by the Duke of Saxe-Weimer in 1825, and in 1835 Edinburg was reported to have a population of 130 including one physician.

    Edinburg High School Grads. Virginia Lorraine Bennett, Doris Jean Bowman, Norvel Alden Brown, Janice Marie Carper, Janet Lee Clem, Kenneth Eugene Clem, Mary Jane Clem, Eugene Everett Coffelt, Donald Wilson Coffman, Anna Catherine Dellinger, Arbutus Irene Funkhouser, Lonnie Tappen Golladay, Donald Keith Hines, Fleta Catherine Hollar, Betty Alice Hutchinson, Robert Lee Litten, Peggy Jo McClanahan, Ruth Elaine Miller, Melvin Floyd Minnick, Richard Alva Pence, Lucy Florence Shadwell, Edward Eugene Sine, Bobby Eugene Sorrells, and Fleta Marie Zigler.

    Toms Brook Graduates. Charlotte M. Barkley, Jerry G. Beydler, Shirley M. Dellinger, Betty J. Gochenour, Kitty L. Hockman, Mildred J. Kingree, Charles A. Lichliter, John F. McCoy, Norma L. McWilliams, Sylvia D Morris, Margie L Painter, Maynard R Richard, Verna K. Sager and Betty A. Wisman.


May 30, 1952

    An old clock with wooden wheels, which was made 180 years ago was repaired this week by Eugene Clem in Woodstock and is ticking away again. The clock is owned by Miss Edith Miller of Edinburg. Nearing two hundred years of timekeeping, the old clock has some of its repair dates noted in it, including the year 1856, when it was repaired by Mr. A. J. Hopewell, at that time a prominent watch and clock repairman in Edinburg. Another of the rare clocks with wooden wheels is owned by Mr. Eugene Munch of Seven Fountains.

    Shenandoah Business College in Woodstock, F. E. Palmer principal, announces its graduates. Charles L. Baker Jr., June Bauserman, Helen P. Blentson, Evelyn Bowers Baker, Vivian Buchanan  Crist, William L. Coffman, Joan Hartsell, Edith Biller Hockman, Charlotte M. Jordan, Mary Jane Lamma, Peggy Lee LeDane, Jean Maphis, Mary Ellen Myers, Wanda L. Painter, Mary Lou Polk. Virginia Riffey, Walter A. Sigman Jr, Margaret Thorpe, Patsy Ann Trimble.

    Woodstock. Roxie Grandstaff became the bride of Pvt. Charles Palmer on May 17 in Hagerstown.

    Died. Mrs. Arbelia Baker Hockman, 78, wife of G. George Hockman of Toms Brook, Sunday at Woodstock. She was a daughter of Noah and Harriet Baker Swartz, born June 16 , 1873 at Harrisville. She first married Newton Coffman, who died 48 years ago. In 1910 she married Mr. Hockman who survives with one daughter Miss Hazel Virginia Hockman at home.  Mrs. Hockman and her daughter operated a tourist home just south of Toms Brook for the last 17 years.

    Woodstock Blue Devils Baseball. On the basis of being at bat at least ten times during the season, Woodstock High School catcher-outfielder Don Ritenour led the baseball team in hitting with a .444 average on 8 hits in 18 trips to the plate. Don had 4 single, 2 double, a  triple and a home run while playing in only half the team’s total games. Catcher fielder Jim Epard had the second best average, .394 made on 13 hits out of 33 times at bat, and third baseman Larry Patton pounded out 12 hits in 24 trips to gain the third highest average of .353. Other players on the team are Richard Cooley, David Offman, Fred Mantz, John Sager, Harold Lutz, Harry Combs, Dalton Brill, Jim Lambert, Eddie Burnshire, Larry Cooley, Jerry Mumaw, Jack Showalter, Charles Strickler, Berlin Smoot, Harry Lytton, Bill Wisman, Hardy Lutz, Ben Miller.

    Cleve Mumaw, who lives on Supenlick Ridge west of Conicville, yesterday was acquitted by a jury of Shenandoah county on the charge of feloniously shooting his son, Margel Mumaw, age 20 in the early morning of last February 25. H. Garnett Scott, appointed by the court, defended Mumaw, who claimed self defense and that his son broke in without warning and threatened to do him bodily harm. All of these charges Margel denied. Defense witnesses were Cleve Mumaw himself; Irl Mumaw a brother who lives nearby, and Vernon Dellinger, another neighbor.

    The three Evans brothers, all former residents of Woodstock are together again on the Alexandria Police Force. They are Privates Donald N. (Nelson), William A. and Robert E. Evans, and are sons of Mrs. Eva N. Evans of Woodstock and the late Oma F. Evans. All are veterans of World War II, Donald was in the Navy, William a Coast Guardsman, and Robert in the Marines. A fourth brother Oma F. Evans Jr. lost his life in the U S Army in Germany.

    Strasburg News of Colored. Those attending graduation exercises in Woodstock recently were Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Ausberry, Mrs. Emma Mayberry, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Ausberry, Mrs. Luther Mitchell, Mr. Max Strother, Mr. Charles Spinner, Rev. and Mrs. Donald Williams.


June 6, 1952

    Woodstock High School Graduates. Barbara Loudoun Benchoff, Alfred Shirley Bradfield, Donald Burnshire Clem, Alvin William Cook, Phyllis Jean Evans, Maxine Mae Fadeley, Margaret Donalee Fravel, Gladys Virginia Grove, John Edward Heishman, Helen Frances Helsley, Nancy Ann Hilton, Ellen Rebecca Hockman, Alice Adeste Jennings, Betty Jean Kipps, Peggy Sue Lambert, Mary Lou Lineweaver, Imogene Delores Luttrell, Betty Kay Masuras, Betty Lou Lutz Morrisette, Audrey Elizabeth Nefff, David Lee Offman, Juanita O’Neal, Phyllis O’Neal, Charlotte Virginia Ortts, Mary Leona Pence, Robert Lee Ritenour Jr., John Calvin Sager, Kenneth M. Stickley, Betty Addina Swartz, Watson Lee Tamkin and Don Franklin Wilkins.

    The Woodstock Town Council at its regular meeting voted to purchase a two-way radio for the town police car to be tied in with the sheriff’s radio and other town police that may joint the system. The town tax rate for the current year was set at $1.30 per $100 valuation which is the same rate as last year.    

    The county school board approved the contracts for the principals of the six high schools in the county. All present principals are being re-apportioned. Woodstock High School, David D. Jones; Edinburg High School, A. A. Lutz; Triplett High School, J. Eldred Swartz; New Market High School, R. C. Wightman Jr; Toms Brook High School, Mark S. Roller; Strasburg High School, George D. Grove.

    Woodstock. Surgeons at the Shenandoah County Memorial Hospital were able to set the badly fractured right leg of Terry Richard late last Friday afternoon and both he and his younger brother, Jay, were reported resting comfortably. Attending physicians were hopeful that they would recover from the severe injuries both received when the motorcycle they were riding Memorial Day afternoon struck a small bridge wall on a back street, hurtled both off into the nearby dry stream of rocks. Both are sons of Elmer D. Richard of West Spring Street.

    Married. Mrs. Olla M. LaDane of Front royal and Herman J. Bell of Rocky Mountain, North Carolina, married in Falmouth, Va. May 10. Mrs. Bell is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Lee Lichliter of Powell’s Fort Valley and Mr. Bell is a son of Mrs. W. F. Bell of Rocky Mountain.