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November 2, 2017

Posted 2017-11-02


    Reem Jahshan from Antoince Baz

    Amber Nicole Himelright from Christopher Michael Chase

    Holly J. Heine from Owen R. Heine

    Cinde Lynn Eash from Edward Russell Boyden

    Shana Lindsey Rhodes from Matthew Joseph Rhodes

    Dakota Wayne Payton from Gretchen Shea Payton


Marriage licenses

    Shawn David Harpine, 33, New Market and Stefanie Rose Connor, 28, New Market

    Cody Allen Shockey, 24, Toms Brook and Rose Marie Bowen, 26, Toms Brook

    George Frederick Smoot, 37, New Market and Amber Nichole Dennison, 34, New Market

    Lee Michael Simon, 50, Mt. Jackson and Maria Carmen Sherman, 51, Mt. Jackson

    Estefany Soyd Rosales Rosales, 29, Strasburg and Stephanie Virginia Bennett, 33, Strasburg

    Jeffery Scott Reed, 55, Woodstock and Betsy Susan Akers, 57, Strasburg

    Corey Spencer Peer, 24, Maurertown and Lucy Romani Barrett, 26, Toms Brook

    Joseph Michael Anderson, 33, Strasburg and Rebecca Constance Hodge, 34, Strasburg

    Michael Wayne Lewis, 39, Strasburg and Virginia Josephine Kirby, 38, Strasburg

    Robert Clifton Green Jr., 51, Edinburg and Rachel Arla Crowe, 39, Edinburg

    Rene Quintanilla, 59, Edinburg and Rosa Candida Argueta, 55, Edinburg

    Alejandro Guitierrez Amador, 34, Woodstock and Daycy Munoz Abonza, 27, Woodstock    


Land transfers

    Rodney Dale Tyson to Rodney E. Zirkle, Lot 18, Hisey Park Subdivision, 1034 Sun Poppy Court, Woodstock, Stonewall District, $230,000

    Cynthia Irene Burner to Nathan Lee Helsley and Amanda Fadeley Helsley, five and three-tenths acres, Lot 2, Edinburg Gap Road, Edinburg, Madison District, $35,000

    Philip E. Gimple and Sara M. Gimple to Lloyd C. Wolford Jr. and Jade M. Jacobson, Lot 49, Section 2B, The Meadows at Strasburg Junction, east side State Route 638, 24 Wise Avenue, Strasburg, Davis District, $184,900

    Tonya T. McCullough, George Ballentine, Markeya S. Taylor and Brittanie A. Taylor to Craig Anthony Moore and Doris D. Moore, Lot 89, Section 10, Bryce’s Mountain Resort, Inc., 26 Willow Lane, Mt. Jackson, Ashby District, $127,500

    Daniel P. Stover and Brenda Kay Adolphson to Autumn D. Stickley, Lot 22, Strasburg Junction, 39 Little Sorrel Drive, Strasburg, Davis District, $190,000

    Mike S. Bishop and Karen L. Bishop to Stuart F. Freakley and Katheryn A. Freakley, four acres, northwest side Fravel Road, three-fourths mile west of the Town of Woodstock, Stonewall District, $75,000

    Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, property, 793 Capon Road, Strasburg, Davis District, $178,774

    Beth Ann Ramsey to Hailey M. Smith and Jeffrey A. Smith Jr., Lot 31, Section 2A, Woodlawn Estates, 732 Stonecrest Drive, Woodstock, Johnston District, $280,000

    Tayra N. Ramirez to William Steward and Megan Steward, Lot 29, Madison Village, 211 Kadies Lane, Edinburg, Madison District,


    Virginia C. Rhinehart and Melissa A. Seal to Christopher L. Wells and Pamela J. Wells, Lot 3, Stony Creek Subdivision, 110 Windsor Knit Road, Edinburg, Madison District, $165,000

    Madison Development Associates, LLC, to Walter Lee Meneffee Jr. and Maria D. Carmen Lopez Cortes, Lot 37, Section 3, Phase 1, Madison Estates, Maurertown, Stonewall District, $189,900

    Shirley S. Hamman to David Richman and Louise Richman, property, two miles north of the Town of Woodstock, 23172 Old Valley Pike, Woodstock, Johnston District, $160,000

    Leslie Anne Parnell, Mary Katherine P. Carney and Kevin C. Parnell to Kevin T. Stickley-Clark and Donna C. Clark, 17.9 acres, 515 Woodville Road, Maurertown, Johnston District, $360,000

    Terrylynne Garrison and Craig W. Garrison Sr. to Natalie D. Simmons, nine-tenths acre, one and one-half miles northeast of Conicville, 15691 Senedo Road, Edinburg, Madison District, $163,000

    Rosalie Ann Meixsell to Kenneth W. Shade Jr., Lot 5, Section 1, Waterbrook Homes, 483 North Water St., Woodstock, Johnston District, $110,000

    Jonathan Michael Gwyn and Corinda Lee Dysart Gwyn to Anthony P. Strazzella and Sara M. Strazzella, Lot 52, Block C, Section 7B, Bryce Mountain Resort, Inc., one mile northeast of Basye, 366 Anderson Road, Mt. Jackson, Ashby District, $167,500

    Pearlie C. Brill Jr. and Sue E. Brill to Darryl W. Brill, 13 acres, Lot 4, Woodland Tract, Davis District, $70,000

    Kemp Mumaw to Misael Salinas, six and one-half acres, Route 826, New Market, Lee District, $45,000

    Thomas E. Halo and Jodi A. Halo to William Emil Johnson and Denise Maureen Johnson, Lot 7, Section 1, Bryce’s Mountain Resort, Inc., 103 Linda Lane, Basye, Ashby District, $177,000

    Fannie Mae/Federal National Mortgage Association to Jason D. Parsons, Lot 214, Section 11, Bryce’s Mountain Resort, Inc., 438 Richmon Road, Basye, Ashby District, $102,001

    Dianna J. Orndorff, Mary L. Binion, Wanda K. Huff and Daniel A. Bailey to Atina M. Coffman, Lot 7, Holler Subdivision II, 112 Elizabeth Lane, Edinburg, Madison District, $101,300

    Manning Investments, LLC, to Tracy L. Longerbeam and Dennis R. Longerbeam, Lot 481, Section 10 Extended, Bryce’s Mountain Resort, Inc., 511 Cottonwood Drive, Mt. Jackson, Ashby District, $175,000

    Berry Brian Nall and Laura Ann Nall to Michel Allen Hess and Becky Hess, eight-tenths acre, 8995 Senedo Road, Mt. Jackson, Ashby District, $128,000

    Thomas D. Fleury and Margaret F. Howell to Benjamin T. Shotzberger and Cassandra B. Shotzberger, three and one-tenth acres, Lot 1, Fox Ridge Farms, 183 Fox Ridge Drive, Strasburg, Davis District, $470,000

    Fourseasons Bend, LLC, to Scheffer Gap, LLC, 40.1 acres, Stonewall District, $235,000

    Brian Baker and Judy Baker to Neil S. Domalik and Heather l. Domalik, Lots 206 and 207, Section 12, Bryce’s Mountain Resort, Inc., 715 Quail Road, Basye, Ashby District, $170,000

    Dan P. Hickey to Michael W. Dennis, Lot 99, Section 1, Mine Mountain Corporation, 1651 Forest Ridge Trail, Fort Valley, Johnston District, $195,000

    Nicholas B. Yarnold and Wendy C. Yarnold to Brooke E. Ashley, Lot 8, South Church Street Town Homes, 127 South Church St., Woodstock, Johnston District, $217,000

    Brooke Elizabeth Ashley to Judith Reichert, two tracts, south side State Route 600/Saumsville Road, Saumsville, Stonewall District, $224,900

    Richard A. Hodson and Janet D. Hodson to Vincent Keith Barnes, property, 342 East King St., Strasburg, Davis District, $200,000

    David J. Perault and Mary Porter Perault IV to William D. Miller Sr. and Sherrill A. Miller, Lot 269, Section 10, Bryce’s Mountain Resort, Inc., 268 Dogwood Drive, Basye, Ashby District, $161,000

    Alan K. Spear and Mary E. Spear to James P. Beck and Joy M. Ferrante, 14 acres, east side Supinlick Mountain, 974 North Maple Road, Mt. Jackson, Lee District, $289,999

    Fannie Mae/Federal National Mortgage Association to Jessica Lee Ann Hurst, property, 395 Rose Bud Road, Strasburg, Davis District, $142,000

    Preslee Homes, Inc. to Billie Jo Stickles, Lot 11, Miller’s Field, 285 Duke Circle, Strasburg, Davis District, $200,000

    Ronald W. Miller and Denise M. Dellinger to Lester Eugene Miller Jr. and Kara L. Miller, 37 acres, one mile south of Jerome, Deerwood Lane, Edinburg, Ashby District, $120,000

    Professional Foreclosure Corporation of Virginia to Federal National Mortgage Association, property, one mile north of Quicksburg, Lee District, $124,086

    Alan Toothman Construction, Inc., to Richard L. Haga and Janet G. Haga, Lot 58, Section 2, Stony Pointe, 124 Daniel Court, Strasburg, Davis District, $297,945

    Grace Valley Properties, LLC to Michael Rodgers and Peter Stanley, Lots 18, 20 and 22, Block 2, south side Ash Street, Strasburg, Davis District, $82,500

    Wayne W. Frye to Judy Frye Long, seven acres, one and one-half miles southwest of Macanie, Ashby District, $30,000

    Norman M. Sinel and Ellen W. Sinel to Constance E. Burch, eight and one-fourth acres, Powell’s Fort Valley, Johnston District, $67,500

    Professional Foreclosure Corporation of Virginia to Federal National Mortgage Association, Lot 250, Section 10, Bryce’s Mountain Resort, Inc., Basye, Ashby District, $123,200

    Troll Real Estate, LLC, to Marc H. Williams and Kimberly L. Williams, four and three-tenths acres, Lot 17, Woodstock Views Subdivision, Woodstock, Stonewall District, $60,000


Building permits

    Love’s Travel Stops & Country Store, 1015 Mt. Olive Road, Toms Brook, shower, laundry and stockroom addition, $420,590

    Christopher L. Smith or Angela M. Smith, 1160 Jiggady Road, New Market, single-family dwelling renovations, $48,400

    Michael F. Ferraro, 111 Copperhead Road, Edinburg, single-family dwelling renovations, $49,000

    Pat Falls, Secession Lane, New Market, single-family dwelling, $353,222

    Pat Falls, Secession Lane, New Market, single-family dwelling, zoning permit, $353,222

    Pat Fall, Secession Lane, New Market, single-family dwelling, erosion and sediment control permit, $353,222

    David Lynn Chrisman or Nancy Lee Crisman, 5227 Edinburg Gap Road, Fort Valley, farm shed construction, $25,000

    Richard C Abbott and Norma L. Abbott, Jacob Court, Woodstock, single-family dwelling, $398,000

    Marc B. Jansen or Calen A. Jansen, 121 Bottom Road, Edinburg, residential in-ground swimming pool, $50,000

    William T. Murden Construction, LLC, Swover Creek Road, Edinburg, single-family dwelling, $82,500

    Edward V. Nowicki or Marie A. Rundquist, 317 Wenger Lane, Woodstock, single-family dwelling addition, $30,000

    Michael C. Brill or Samantha W. Brill, Meadowlark Lane, Maurertown, single-family dwelling, $300,000

    Brandon M. Roberts or Holly Roberts, Oak Hill Drive, Woodstock, single-family dwelling, $183,000

    Matthew H. Tusing or Haley G. Tusing, Beaver Lane, Mt. Jackson, single-family dwelling, $400,000

    Philip H. Chaloux or Taryn S. Chaloux, 1367 Millertown Road, Edinburg, single-family dwelling, $148,000

    Duane L. Stead or Fallyn N. Stead, 687 Habron Hollow Road, Fort Valley, single-family dwelling, $215,600

    James Randall Fansler or Sue C. Fansler, 7411 Orkney Grade, Mt. Jackson, farm equipment structure, $30,000

    Mt. Jackson Motel and Trucker Center, Inc., 172 West Old Cross Road, New Market, existing Burger King Restaurant renovations, $250,000

    Michael P. Kager or Nora A. Kager, 22722 Old Valley Pike, Woodstock, single-family dwelling renovations, $30,000