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November 9, 2017

Posted 2017-11-09

    Joyce Fadeley, former Shenandoah County Zoning Administrator and Shenandoah County native and school graduate, recently resigned her position under pressure from Shenandoah County officials, much to the dismay of many.

    Among the many who include attorneys, real estate agents, surveyors and members of the general public, it is the consensus that Joyce has been an example of what a public official should be; available, helpful, intelligent, kind and compassionate. She has been the kind of public official that we can only hope to find and hope for, one that looks for solutions of how to accomplish things rather than to look for ways to impede them.

    Joyce has not only been responsive, friendly and knowledgeable, but she often went out of her way to help the citizens of Shenandoah County with their real estate issues. You may have seen her in the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office doing research in the land records or she might have personally dropped off the approved plats of survey that you needed in a hurry to your office on her lunch break or on her way home.

    I’m sure she wasn’t perfect in the performance of her job, not many are. It was quite a shock to learn that she was no longer employed as I hoped that she would be promoted to the open position of director in the department where she worked for a decade or so. She had been performing many related tasks to that position as well as her own.

    Joyce was great to work with and will be sorely missed by many. On behalf of my clients and all of the citizens of Shenandoah County that she has helped over the years, I wish to publicly thank her for all that she has done as it has been very much appreciated. Best wishes to Joyce in finding employment as I know our loss will be some fortunate employer’s gain.

Michael R. Cook